EpubCheck 4.0 Has Been Released

EpubCheck is a tool for verifying whether EPUB files meet the official specification. The new version 4.0 is available to download on GitHub both as source code and as a compiled JAR file.

EpubCheck 4.0 can inspect your ebook in EPUB format and make sure it complies with the latest EPUB standards, including:

  • EPUB 3.0.1
  • EPUB Dictionaries and Glossaries 1.0
  • EPUB Indexes 1.0
  • EPUB Multiple-Rendition Publications 1.0
  • EPUB Previews 1.0
  • EPUB Region-Based Navigation 1.0

Early implementation of checks for several draft specifications:

  • EPUB 3 EDUPUB Profile
  • EPUB Distributable Objects 1.0
  • EPUB Scriptable Components Packaging and Integration 1.0
  • Details are provided on GitHub.

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