DAISY Developing Countries Alliance


The DAISY Consortium and several DAISY Consortium member organizations provide financial and technical support for the production and distribution of accessible books in developing countries.

These efforts have resulted in the establishment of DAISY production centres and Digital Talking Book Libraries.

Some of these organizations have also joined the DAISY Consortium as Associate Members. However, they face problems with sustainability, technical support, training, local language adaptation of production and playback tools, etc. To address these issues and to coordinate projects in developing countries, the following organizations have established a “DAISY Developing Countries Alliance” (working group):

  • International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI)
  • World Blind Union
  • Christoffel Blinden Mission
  • Force Foundation
  • Sight Savers international
  • DAISY South Africa
  • Thai Blind People’s Foundation
  • DAISY Forum of India
  • Perkins School For the Blind

Working Group Objectives

  • To establish mechanisms for sharing information among various members of the Alliance especially in relation to technical developments of cost effective tools and processes for DAISY digital book production, and transcription of master documents into accessible distribution formats such as Braille, Talking Books, Large Print and other digital versions.
  • To identify model threshold levels of DAISY implementation for developing countries and to work together to achieve such model implementation for each language group in all developing countries.
  • To work together for implementation of articles related to accessibility of information and communication technology enshrined in the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • To share resources and information to complement each other’s projects and to avoid duplication of efforts.
  • To explore possibilities of joint funding of projects in developing countries.
  • To provide effective common and shared technical support mechanisms for any facilities established for accessible book production and playback of accessible digital books.
  • To make full use of the open source software development and low cost solutions and systems developed and implemented as a part of any DAISY implementation project.
  • To provide input to software and hardware developers regarding requirements in DAISY playback and authoring tools to address any special needs in developing countries.
  • To identify and recommend development of software and services to address the needs of persons with print disabilities in developing countries.

Role of the DAISY Consortium in the DAISY Developing Countries Alliance

The DAISY Consortium is the convener organization for this working group. The Consortium provides basic infrastructure such as hosting the mailing list for the working group, project space on the DAISY Consortium website, share knowledge about DAISY and related tools with the Alliance partners, allocate staff time to coordinate activities of the Alliance, etc.


  • In collaboration with the World Blind Union, the alliance conducted a survey to assess current situation in various developing countries related to production, distribution and end user access of books in accessible formats to persons with print disabilities. The results of this survey have been published.
  • Set target for basic infrastructure and services in developing countries related to accessible books for persons with print disabilities.
  • Efforts to bring the cost down of basic technology required in developing countries for end users to be able to read DAISY digital books.
  • Provide technical support and training for capacity building in organisations in developing countries.
  • Hold seminars and awareness programmes to inform the stake holders about various reading and writing solutions available to persons with print disabilities.

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