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Jutoh is a eBook authoring tool from Anthemion Software. It can create eBooks in EPUB and other formats compatible with popular eBook stores like Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. Jutoh can be used to quickly create eBooks by importing formatted documents. It can also be used by advanced users to create eBooks with more features and styling.

It can be purchased from the Jutoh website. Until registered, Jutoh works in demo mode with certain limitations.


The main Jutoh Features are listed below. For more details visit the Jutoh features page on the website.

  • Jutoh can import content from several formats including WORD (DOCX), ODT, HTML and EPUB.
  • Jutoh exports to EPUB, Mobipocket (via kindlegen), ODT, HTML, CBZ, and text. EPUB and Kindle cover the majority of distributors, including Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, and Google Books.
  • Jutoh has a comprehensive tool set for character and paragraph formatting.
  • Powerful document clean-up features including detection of potential problems and tips to troubleshoot.
  • Jutoh supports EPUB 3.0 specifications including EPUB 3 metadata, landmarks, semantic mark-up such as the epub:type attribute and section tag, audio narration using SMIL files, text-to-speech annotation, audio and video tags, forms and various HTML5 tags.
  • Jutoh supports SVG and MathML.
  • Jutoh can create both reflowable and fixed layout eBooks.
  • Automatic creation of Table of Contents and Alphabetical Indexes with customization options.

Learning to use Jutoh

A free eBook titled Creating Great Books With Jutoh is available for download from the Jutoh website in HTML, EPUB and PDF format. This book is a great starting point for new users.

Another useful resource is the article Word to Jutoh in 10 steps.

A screen cast video Jutoh - How to Create, Format and Publish Your EBook EASILY is available on Youtube.

A suggested workflow

eBooks can be created in Jutoh in different ways depending upon the source content and the target output. If the input is a formatted Word document and the target is to create a reflowable EPUB 3.0 file then the following workflow can be adopted.

  1. In the source Word document, make sure the sections have been applied appropriate heading styles, tables and lists are properly formed and images have "alt text" for accessibility.
  2. Open Jutoh, click File > Import. Choose files of "all types" and then select the source Word document.
  3. Choose Compile in Book menu.
  4. In Book menu choose Document Clean-up to remove unnecessary Tabs and spaces.
  5. Provide the Meta data
  6. Choose a suitable Cover page for the eBook.
  7. Create the Table of Contents and if needed customize it.
  8. Compile the book to create the EPUB file.

See also

  • Using Adobe InDesign to create accessible EPUB 3 files
  • Create EPUB using Google Docs
  • EPUB related articles on DAISYpedia
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