DAISY Pipeline 2 Desktop application Overview

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DAISY Pipeline 2 is an umbrella term for various things. This article is about the desktop application official version 1.10.2.

DAISY Pipeline 2 is also a web application, using which multiple users can work together in the same application, each through their own web browser, while the real work happens on a central server. The web application offers some additional features that are not available in the desktop application yet, such as "templates". DAISY Pipeline 2 can also be run as a service to which client programs can connect, through a web API. In fact, the DAISY Pipeline 2 web application is an example of such a server-client configuration. There is also a command line tool.

The free and open source DAISY Pipeline 2, in all its forms, is supported on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

The Pipeline was developed by and for the DAISY community, a group of organizations committed to making content accessible. It goes without saying that accessiblity is the main interest of the tool. There are Pipeline transformation for migrating from one accessible format to another, enriching an input format with certain accessible features, and producing formats targeting a specific disability. Accessibility goes hand in hand with standards. The formats that the Pipeline primarily focuses on are EPUB 3, DAISY and PEF.

Download and Installation

Go to the download page and get the installer for your preferred operating system.

The installation instructions and system requirements are available on the website.

Getting started

A very good Quick Start Gide with screeshots is available on the Pipeline 2 website.

DAISY Pipeline 2 screen

This guide explains the process of choosing a script for conversion, selecting input files, running the job and reviewing the results. The new Pipeline 2 desktop application has a very simple interface and this user guide should be enough to get you started.

Scripts included for conversions

Click on the script names below to know more about the conversion and input requirements.

Popular scripts

Other scripts


Visit the DAISY Pipeline 2 forum to read answers to queries posted by users. If your question remains unanswered, you can post it on this forum. The Pipeline developers or other users will respond soon.

You can also send your query to DAISY Consortium using the Contact us page. Please choose the "Project: Pipeline" category while posting the message.

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