Dolphin EasyReader for iOS and Android: The free app for reading eBooks

Original Author(s): Prashant Ranjan Verma
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Dolphin EasyReader is available free of cost for Android and Apple devices for reading eBooks in EPUB and DAISY formats. This app is designed particularly for users with dyslexia, low vision & blindness.

App description from the developer

Browse & download books from your favorite libraries including Bookshare, Legimus, Vision Australia, RNIB Bookshare & more. Subscribe & read newspapers with NFB-NEWSLINE, RNIB NTNM, MTM & more. Copy text from anywhere on your phone & hear EasyReader announce it. Read with your ears & eyes with synchronized text & audio.

Using the app

The app requires creation of a free account before use. The login credentials of the library/service e.g. Bookshare is required before books can be downloaded from it. Books in supported formats can also be sideloaded from the device memorey.

For new users, very good documentation and support is available on the Dolphin website. Some other useful resources are also listed below.

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List of gestures used in the app

Note that some of the gestures given below may not work as indicated when Talkback or the Voiceover screen reader is running. The same action may be available through an alternative gesture.

Single tapMoves the highlight to the specific text
Long tapSelects the current word and opens the pop-up toolbar
One finger swipe up / downScrolls the text in the Reader up / down
Two finger pinch / stretchDecreases / increases the size of the text
Two finger double tapStart / pause playback
Two finger swipe left / rightSkip backward / forward
Two finger swipe up / downIncreases / decreases the audio speed

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