Types of metadata in a DAISY 2.02 DTB

Original Author(s): Markus Gylling and Lynn Leith

This article is applicable to DAISY 2.02 standard only. For Metadata specific to ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005(DAISY 3) standard please see the document Specifications for the Digital Talking Book, section 3.2 - Publication Metadata.


For bibliographic metadata, the DAISY 2.02 specification uses the Dublin Core (DC) Metadata Initiative element set, which is an internationally approved and broadly accepted tool comprised of 15 data categories, and the rules necessary for the description of document resources. These elements have the "dc:"-prefix.

Although the DC element set covers a wide range of bibliographic description for digital talking books, there is some vital information that is not adequately covered in those 15 data categories. Additional elements specific to DAISY DTB´s have therefore been developed. These additional elements are designated as "ncc:"-prefixed elements.

Examples of the information contained include:

  • Name of author
  • Title of Book
  • Publisher (of print source, and of DTB)

Technical ("DTB-related")

Examples of the information contained here include:

  • Playback time
  • Number of navigable pages
  • Size of fileset
  • Character set encoding

Technical metadata is with few exceptions created automatically by the production tool. It is only the bibliographic metadata that needs to be added by the DTB producer.

Many production tools (such as lpStudio/Pro, SigtunaDAR 3, and MyStudioPC) allow for entering bibliograhic metadata inside the tool using a meta data editing window.

When bibliographic meta information is entered, <meta /> elements are added to the <head> element of the ncc.html document.

The general syntax of the <meta> element is:

  content="value of metaname"
  scheme="scheme for value of metaname" [optional]

Thus, the meta element set of a DTB is a series of children of the head element.

  <meta name="dc:title" content="A Farewell to Arms" />
  <meta name="dc:creator" content="Ernest Hemingway" />

content: name(s) of author(s) or creator(s) of the intellectual content of the publication
occurrence: mandatory (if a creator is known)
content: date for publication of the DAISY DTB
scheme: W3C/ISO8601; recommended syntax: "yyyy-mm-dd"
occurrence: mandatory
content: account of content - annotations
occurrence: optional
content: code for DAISY DTB format; "Daisy 2.02"
occurrence: mandatory
content: identifier of the DAISY publication (unique to the publishing organization or group)
scheme: identifier scheme, if existing
occurrence: mandatory
content: language(s) of the content of the publication
schemes: ISO 639 language code optionally followed by a two letter country code as in ISO 3166. For Sweden: "SV" or "SV-SE", for the United Kingdom: "EN" or "EN-UK" etc.
occurrence: mandatory
content: publisher of the DAISY DTB.
occurrence: mandatory
content: a reference to the print source from which the present resource is derived; use with schema ISBN or schemeless.
scheme: ISBN or schemeless
occurrence: optional - recommended
content: the topic of the content of the DAISY DTB; keywords or classification codes
scheme: if existing, "keyword" is default
occurrence: optional - recommended
content: title of DTB or publication
occurrence: mandatory
content: name of narrator(s) of the DTB; the person or the name of the synthetic voice which narrated the text of the DTB
occurrence: optional - recommended
content: name of organization/production unit generating the DAISY DTB
occurrence: optional
content: date of first generation of DTB
scheme: W3C/ISO8601; recommended syntax: "yyyy-mm-dd"
occurrence: optional
content: integer describing revision number
occurrence: optional
content: date associated with ncc:revision
scheme: W3C/ISO8601; recommended syntax: "yyyy-mm-dd"
occurrence: optional
content: date of publication of the print source. This will usually be the year of the publication of the print book
scheme: W3C/ISO8601; usually with syntax: "yyyy"
occurrence: optional - recommended
content: edition of the print source
occurrence: optional - recommended
content: publisher of print source
occurrence: optional - recommended
content: information about rights held in and over the print source
occurrence: optional
content: the title of the print source; is to be used only if different from dc:title
occurrence: mandatory (if the titles differ)

In addition to the above definition list, it is allowed to use arbitrary metadata elements to support producer-specific metadata issues. Such meta elements shall carry a "prod:" prefix and shall be ignored by playback systems.

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