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DAISY Consortium Discussion Lists

The DAISY Consortium uses email lists as our primary communication mechanism. Much of our project related work and the support we provide to our Members and Friends is done through our lists. Information about DAISY Projects is located on this website in the Projects area. Members and Friends who want to join (subscribe to) any of the lists below please use the Contact Us form. We encourage you to also subscribe to the DAISY Planet newsletter and the DAISY TechWatch NewsBrief.



This is the mailing list for Full and Associate Members of the DAISY Consortium. All important messages from the Board and staff are sent to this list. It is therefore extremely important that your key contacts with DAISY are subscribed. Member organizations are encouraged to enroll more than one person on this list.

Friends of the DAISY Consortium

The companies which have joined the DAISY Consortium as Friends belong to this list. It is important that your key people who work with the DAISY Consortium are subscribed to this list which we use to communicate with our Friends.

Technical Developments

This discussion list is primarily limited to DAISY Consortium Members and Friends; however, the Consortium may choose to invite experts to participate in list discussions. Specific technical discussions related to the development and implementation of the DAISY Standard and related activities occur on this list. Such discussions may relate, for example, to production tools, helper applications, playback developments, and standards.

Training & Support

This discussion list is for Members and Friends of DAISY Consortium and participants of DAISY Workshops. Topics of discussion usually focus on production issues, tools, and production support. Consortium-affiliated organizations may post questions to this list.


This list is used for people from Member and Friend organizations to coordinate marketing efforts on a Consortium-wide basis.

Reading Systems Evaluation

This list is for discussions and projects related to the accessibility of mainstream reading systems. To join, please send an email to kerscher(at)