Napur Jain

Nupur Jain - I could take my career in the desired direction and see my dreams coming true

The support from NAB in the form of DAISY books was a great help - I could take my career in the desired direction and see my dreams coming true. My success would not have been possible without the DAISY library of NAB.

In India most educated visually impaired youths aspire for high ranking jobs with the government or banks or desire to enter into professional courses in the best universities. Entry into such jobs or courses requires passing tough, competitive exams. However in the past very few people were succeeding because of the lack of books in accessible format for preparation. Success in these competitions requires good reasoning skill and math knowledge which traditionally young people who are visually impaired do not have access to for study. (National Association for the Blind - NAB, India - NAB is an Associate Member of the DAISY Consortium)

Nupur Jain I am from a place called Narnaul in Haryana India. My name is Nupur Jain and I am an employee of WIPRO Technologies Limited at Sarjapur, Bangalore branch, working as a senior executive with the Corporate HRD team. This is the story of how I came to be who I am and where I am today.

My journey was not an easy one. It was next to impossible for me to achieve my goals, my destination, alone. I have done this with the support of good parents, teachers, very understanding friends, and DAISY books from NAB.

In January 1992 when I was 9 I fell ill and was admitted to the local hospital. After 15 days I had not improved and was taken to the hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan, where I was diagnosed with tuberculous meningitis (TBM). During my illness I was unconscious - I had lost my eye sight but was not aware of it. One day after regaining consciousness when I had asked my mother to switch on the light I realized I could not see. After leaving hospital I started classes to learn to read and write braille. A second phase of my life had begun, a phase of growth and development, and since then I have never looked back at my past.

I was a small girl when I was sent away to school so that I could receive a good education. My father's courage to send me from a small village to Delhi has always motivated me to work harder and do my best. My parent's teachings became stepping stones for me all through out life, they have been my role models. The qualities of mutual respect and honesty have always shown me the right way to move forward with a high ambition at every level. I have learnt to concentrate on the task ahead and plan it before hand to make the path towards the target a little easier. My father has taught me to practice discipline in life at each stage - discipline has a capacity to help you accomplish even the most difficult task.

Delhi Public School Following completion of class 12 from Delhi Public school with 82% I attended Lady Shriram College in Delhi University studying political science. It was a tough decision as the competition was very strong and I did not have access to technology like computers and JAWS screen reading software. However through determination and ongoing efforts I gained access to the equipment which empowered me to perform equally well. By the end of second year I ranked second in Delhi University. This success would not have been possible without the support of the NAB DAISY and E-Text library.

I aspired to become an MBA but was clueless about the preparation required to get through a good business school. To help me with this goal I joined a career launcher coaching centre but the preparation material for MBA entrance was not available in an accessible form. The DAISY library of NAB not only provided me with the entrance exam preparation material which was available in their library, but also converted career launcher material into an accessible form very quickly. The career launcher material from NAB allowed me to learn reasoning and solve mathematical problems in less time. In 2005 I successfully took the MBA entrance exams and qualified for the 5 top business schools. Tata Institute of Social Sciences The Tata Institute of Social Sciences was my choice and in 2008 I completed my MBA. The reason behind my success is the support given by the DAISY Library of NAB.

I have been a regular user of DAISY books since my undergraduate days. I scored 65% in graduation, which was only possible because of books available in DAISY format. The journey even after joining TISS was not easy as the availability of management books in the accessible form was a big challenge, but again I give the credit to DAISY Library of NAB which provided me with books like "One Minute Manager" in DAISY format. The support from NAB in the form of DAISY books was a great help - I could take my career in the desired direction and see my dreams coming true. My success would not have been possible without the DAISY library of NAB.

Nainital cable car and mountains.jpgOver my life's journey I have developed and nourished a passion for athletics and adventurous activities. I have done an adventurous course with Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) where I did trekking and rock climbing. I also love swimming and face painting among other things. In addition I have attended three Shri Arvindo's integration camps at various hill stations such as Nainital, Dalhausi and Katak.

Adherence to commitments became a very valuable principle in my life as it can change one's life so drastically in the positive manner. I follow this principle of commitments very religiously. I have also learnt to fight for my rights with greater intensity. The friends who are an important part in your life can also help you in your transformation to be a better human being.

Today what I am, I am because of everybody around me. I could not have achieved and attained so many victories alone.

New career opportunities – aiming high with DAISY

NAB logo.jpgNAB Delhi produces DAISY digital books on mathematics, reasoning, current affairs etc. specially aimed at such students. These books have been in very high demand in our libraries and the result is that many people with a disability have cleared these examinations. Nupur Jain (completely blind since the age of 9) is one such example. She studied very hard to get into one of the best management schools (Tata Institute of Social Science) and then successfully completed the MBA course. She is now working as a senior executive with WIPRO Technologies Limited which is one of the world's biggest IT companies. She recently wrote and sent her story to us.

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