"The DAISY players also allow you to go from page to page, similar as a sighted person flips the pages. Or it allows us to just go chapter by chapter. These navigation features enable us to function as though we do have eyes. And because the book is in the palm of our hand, we have it and use it any time we need it. This is independence: we don’t have to rely on anybody to get our studying done." - John Russo

"DAISY navigation system is one of the most significant developments to be made available since the development of Braille. DAISY allows people who are blind to move around recorded and electronic documents easily and seamlessly in a way so far only available to sighted readers." - Michael Hingson, the President of The Hingson Group

"Imagine there is a book digitally stored, produced, and distributed. Imagine that such book can be read by listening, talking, and touching. Imagine that such book can be read by persons of all disabilities. Imagine that such book with more than 1000 pages can fit on one CD ROM.And imagine that the technology to store, produce, and distribute such book is based on a non-proprietary standard developed at an international level.

Most importantly, imagine that such technology is based on universal design that can guarantee access for all. Our imagination is now, and is described, in truth, by the Digital Accessible Information System, DAISY."

Monthian Buntan, President, Thailand Association of the Blind Postlude to Speech at China Braille Press DAISY Conference, April 2008
"On behalf of my mother Victoria of Vancouver, B.C., I would like to express thanks for the support that the CNIB provided over the years. In particular, I would like to thank you for the reader services provided to her, especially the DAISY disks which she used constantly, and enjoyed so much. Thank you again."
Kevin N.
“Students are now in more control over how a book is used, how it looks, where it is used, and even why it is used."
Will from RNIB, Royal National Institute of the Blind
DAISY Project coordinator on the pilot project within UK schools
“86% of those people involved in the trial want NLB to continue creating and offering DAISY books in the future!”
Project Coordinator
UK DAISY Trial conducted by National Library for the Blind (NLB)
“I embrace this technology. It’s a system that will help people be more efficient and more productive, and blind people definitely need every advantage.”
Erik Weihenmayer, Golden, Colorado
First person who is blind to summit Mt. Everest
“The digitally recorded textbooks on CD are changing the way blind and visually impaired persons read textbooks by providing a high quality audio output of books that have been read by experts in the respective fields. The technology, combined with the human voice, allows for the highest quality of audiobook ever produced…”
Cary Supalo, Bolingbrook, Illinois about RFB&D recordings
Penn State University grad student
“The versatility of having audiobooks on CD means that the reader can instantly go to the exact chapter, page, or section that he wants to read…With the new digital format, the recordings have true portability.”
Sally Shaywitz, M.D., “Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level” (2003), about RFB&D audiobooks
“What a wonderful surprise to visit the library website and discover the journal there, waiting to be read. Thank you for that, and all the other great things that will come to us with the Digital Library.”
CNIB Library Client
”...once I learned the navigation system to get around the DAISY CDs I can quickly explore each CD, as well as quickly get to any desired place at all.”
N.G., CNIB Library Client